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Update: Skadet andLubbock Sketch :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 4 6 Update: Skadet andLubbock Facial Expressions :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 3 5 Pokemon'Heavy-Metal'Cross-hatching-1 :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 26 17 Pokemon'Mismagius'-Scribble :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 32 7 Undertale-Cross-Hatching :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 18 9 'Deku'-Cross-Hatching :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 21 7 'Little Girl, Strong Trainer'-Stippling :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 29 3 EyelessJackWatercolour :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 18 3 'Creepy-Kid'-Coal :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 12 11 'Anxiety'1:Fading :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 17 3 AcerolaAndDhelmise :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 61 20 GodOfPokemon :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 13 3 SteelixCacturne :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 16 0 Creepy-Kid :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 9 7 WhimsicottSewaddle.jpg :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 23 23 ZangooseEspeon Stippling :iconcreepygamerkid:CreepyGamerKid 39 16
Common, give my art a chance. Take your time and look over how I improve over time^


Being able to draw a dragon is something you can study by studying anatomy and practising texture drawing. You get the hang of it over ...

This is very interesting, to say the least. And you already took this away from me, but its clear where the main focus lies. You put a ...

Now this is very interesting, and although I'm not used to writing critiques I just really felt like giving my thoughts on your artwork...


Xenomorph :iconphantomseptember:PhantomSeptember 278 61 Nomads IV :iconpablojuradoruiz:PabloJuradoRuiz 594 82 Link (stippling) :iconbdrosama:bdrosama 692 84 Commission: Enjoying the Alolan Sun :iconmark331:mark331 312 6 Pigletsitting :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 239 18
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Creepy Kid
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Side note: I'm not deviant for 2 years. I wasnt active for the first year and a half. I'm very active now however. So ignore what deviant art tells you regarding my time here

Things about me summed up in an over dramatic list of full written sentences, to make me look like someone unique:

-First of all, the names KiDz.... I wish it was.... the names Jordan, but my artist name is KiDz, and pls call me by that name. Its not childish, its nostalgia!
-I'm a 17 year old german male right now. No, i wont change my gender. But my age. Makes sense, right?
-My interests lie in games.... so unique.... and tanks, they are sexy. And all of that typical edgy stuff... like, eerrrr, *loud thinking* creepypastas? Dark stuff?! Horror?! I don't even know where the matter is at, any more... that's how much I care... or maybe its just that fan bases are changing to rapidly.
-I seem sarcastic, unfriendly and ironic right now, but I'm actually quite the cool person to talk too. I'm good at chatting, talking, giving honest critique (giving critique in general) and generally at leading a discussion.
-I fucking love Pokémon, Anime/ Manga and, well ink, to the point where I am sleeping, drinking, eating, thinking, masterbaiting, AND living it.
-You can send me a link to one of your artworks or your gallery, if you want me to give my opinion on it. I'm always interested. If you want to chat, just start a conversation down in my comments box.

If there is something still unclear about myself, you can ask. I'm not keeping any secrets away from others because 'shame' is a word unknown too me.

My greatest supporter: MixieRoast
Check out my buddy: Noriuno
Do you like dragons, Pokémon, water colours or want to have interesting conversations with someone? Check out Iffondrel
[Edited 13th of March 2017]
Hello dear visitor... its difficult for me to explain this properly since I'm still learning to use other languages effectively, but I want to help other artist. They can be newbies or very experienced ones, it doesn't matter. There is one thing I'm really good at, and while I'm not that skilled with my hands yet, and with creating my own art, I have a lot of knowledge about art as a topic in general. And I love giving others my honest words/ opinions about their art. To make that short, writing critiques!
What I want to get at is, if you want to have someone take a look at one of your artworks, or if you want me to take a look at your gallery and choose random deviations, and give my opinion, I will try my best in my free time.
Of course, there are certain rules and limits to what I can do:
-If you want me to look at an artwork, please give me a link to your piece, either in the comments box on my page or in the comments on one of my drawings. Or simply let me know if I should take a look at your gallery!
-I don't want to get spammed by one person over and over again with various different artworks in too short of a time. I don't have unlimited time and its just fair, if other artists can get some attention too. I also still want to spend time on the 'undiscovered' and 'newest' pages, to help out artists who won't just randomly stumble across my page!
-At some point in the future, with more and more people visiting my page, it might get difficult for me to keep up and not everyone might grab my attention. I'm already apologizing!

Now here is the real important stuff, especially for younger artists:
-I'm incredibly honest, and wont hesitate with my words. Of course, I wont swear, lets not exaggerate. I'm trying to keep it formal, to my best of knowledge about the english language. What I want to get at is, that many artists have gotten the wrong idea, and called me mean and 'aggressive', simply because they couldn't accept harsh critique and because they were used to only getting nice comments from other people of the same fandom. So if you request me, to look at one of your artworks or your gallery, don't expect me to go easy on you!

I'm looking forward to some great artworks^


I'm very proud at my new artist description :'D. New updates over the course of the week-end^
I wanna draw something creepy next. But I can't decide weather I should draw a Grim Reaper or a Scarecrow next. I'm more leaning towards a Scarecrow but that's just me and the influence of Cacturne. So I'm asking you. Either let me know which of the 2 you find more epic/scary or gimme some general ideas of other scary/horrifying creatures you like, and maybe some reasons too why?!
Update: Skadet andLubbock Sketch
So, here it is. The sketch for my final piece. For this one I'm going with a stipple. Since i took a photo of this sketch and uploaded it with my laptop instead of quickly editing it with my computer first it might look very dark for some people. Anyways. As i mentioned in the other update they are quite serious. I still didnt add some minor details like a back and foreground, and Skadets left arm can be seen popping up behind lubbocks (from viewer perspective) right wing. Its an A3 artwork, meaning its quite huge. But I'll be taking my time. While working on this I'll probably from time to time fill my sketch book with something. So expect more updates while I'm working along.

Pens I'll be using: All of them 'Farber-Castell' PITT artist pen M; F; S and my lovely ECCO PIGMENT pens 0.5; 0.7; 0.3; and 0.1. I used my Farber-Castell GRIP 0.7 pencil with HB mines for sketching.

I got the idea for this artwork from Kat. Check her out here: Iffondrel 
Update: Skadet andLubbock Facial Expressions
Those are just some quick doodles, to get a grip for some facial expressions of the 2 dragons I'm drawing next. Since Lubbock is a female noivern, with more speed and a bit more fragile, I liked the idea of a more hyper active pokémon. A more lively and naughty one as well. I also could just draw whatever I wanted too, since I have no information on its nature.
Skadet I do have information on and since I owned him since he was little I can say for sure that its an adamant pokémon. But I also do like the idea of him being more serious. Drawing him in an adamant gesture would mean action. And a hasty/ rash noivern would fit with that... but i went with only representing the pokémon in the end. Both in a more intimiating pose, lubbock as well, being more serious, like in Kat's original artwork.

I got the idea for the artwork I'm drawing right now from Kat. Check her out here: Iffondrel 


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Donate to a poor, broke artist. Every donation is appreciated and I might consider taking requests.^ (the random number because zangoose is my fave pokemon)

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