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Common, give my art a chance. Take your time and look over how I improve over time^


*inhales* oh boii do I love giving my opinion on good artwork, and its also about time I do another one of these. But where the hack do...

Being able to draw a dragon is something you can study by studying anatomy and practising texture drawing. You get the hang of it over ...

This is very interesting, to say the least. And you already took this away from me, but its clear where the main focus lies. You put a ...

Now this is very interesting, and although I'm not used to writing critiques I just really felt like giving my thoughts on your artwork...


Our Stubborn King
He was the one, guiding us. Our king our leader, throughout his great journey, he took us. From land, too land. Through all kinds of hazards.
Our stubborn King.
He was cocky and overconfident.
“I'll make myself the king”, he told us, “I'll place my throne upon the greatest of mountains” he shouted with his big smile on the face.
We never felt tired around him. His aura didn't allow us, to rest. We kept moving “I ain't at home, home is where I'm going” he explained to us, with his strong voice, laughing.
We moved from land too land, through difficult hazards. Desserts, blizzards, heavy came the rain. But we never felt tired, with our stubborn King, leading.
With freedom in his voice.
Giving, but never taking much.
Stubborn and overconfident he might be, but certainly not an unfair player.
We called him dreamer but not a king, and he replied: “I see a world full of none believers”.
And none of us knew it better, what he had suffered through
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CreepyGamerKid's Profile Picture
Creepy Kid
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Side note: I'm not deviant for 2 years. I wasnt active for the first year and a half. I'm very active now however. So ignore what deviant art tells you regarding my time here

Things about me summed up in an over dramatic list of full written sentences, to make me look like someone unique:

-First of all, the names KiDz.... I wish it was.... the names Jordan, but my artist name is KiDz, and pls call me by that name. Its not childish, its nostalgia!
-I'm a 17 year old german male right now. No, i wont change my gender. But my age. Makes sense, right?
-I'm slender man in real life. Incredibly tall with 6'6 (2.01m) in hight and very skinny and pale. And even tho I'm a natural talent in basket ball and my name is Jordan I wont ever waste my important time playing it somewhere professionally.
-My interests lie in games.... so unique.... and tanks, they are sexy. And all of that typical edgy stuff... like, eerrrr, *loud thinking* creepypastas? Dark stuff?! Horror?! I don't even know where the matter is at, any more... that's how much I care... or maybe its just that fan bases are changing to rapidly.
-I seem sarcastic, unfriendly and ironic right now, but I'm actually quite the cool person to talk too. I'm good at chatting, talking, giving honest critique (giving critique in general) and generally at leading a discussion.
-I fucking love Pokémon, Anime/ Manga and, well ink, to the point where I am sleeping, drinking, eating, thinking, masterbaiting, AND living it.
-You can send me a link to one of your artworks or your gallery, if you want me to give my opinion on it. I'm always interested. If you want to chat, just start a conversation down in my comments box.

If there is something still unclear about myself, you can ask. I'm not keeping any secrets away from others because 'shame' is a word unknown too me.

My greatest supporter: MixieRoast
Check out my buddy: Noriuno
Do you like dragons, Pokémon, water colours or want to have interesting conversations with someone? Check out Iffondrel
So... I decided to do the comment meme posted on the 'project comment' group. It is a GREAT group. You basically give comments to receive some. It is all about giving longer comments or constructive criticism on other peoples artwork, instead of just a simple 'nice' or 'gj'. I can only recommend this group, check it out:
I'm also not necessarily doing this for the fact, that you can win potential prices. I just like the concept, and I got some spare time to waste. Instead of looking at random posts on 9gag wasting my time I could far rather do this, right?

Lets start:

1. When did you start commenting on artwork, and why?
I started probably a month after I began being active on dA. I simply had fun writing constructive criticism, and being able to give some tips and comments to others of things I learned as an artist. And it feels great, and INCREDIBLY satisfying if they reply with a comment showing their gratitude, and how happy they are that someone actually puts some effort into giving his opinion. That alone makes it worth it. At the end of february I also started to give critiques from time to time.

2. What kind of art do you like to comment on?

All kinds of art. It doesn't really matter. The art needs to have a lot of things you can address. Obviously, if someone only draws a circle its too simple to really address. Weird fetish art is also something I want to avoid. But whether its digital, traditional art doesnt matter, as well as the mediums used. Of course. Art where ink is used hits my weak spot. Since its the medium of my choice I have a lot of experience with it^

3. Nowadays, do you often +fav or comment, and why?

Yes. Quite a lot. Favourite to me counts like a 'thumbs up' on youtube or facebook. I simply show, that I like something. And I comment a lot for the same reasons I addressed on the first 2 questions. Either to help out, give tips or feedback or to give very long constructive criticism. I also browse a lot through the 'undiscovered' and 'newest' section. On these you can also stumble across a lot of newbies too dA. And you want to give a warm welcome to these people, right??

4. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum?

My motivations are:
1) Practising to write longer and more complex texts with a language, that isn't my native language. Since writing is a passion of mine, it does help out a lot.
2) Hoping, that people learn, that they themselves can comment a lot. Especially some skilled artists are very emotionless. They get so much feedback, they start to not care about it. They just draw for commissions. They could help out a lot of beginners with the experience they gained. And that also counts for lesser known artists. I hope that others give just as much feedback, as I do^
3) Getting to know other artists. If it wasn't for the fact that I comment a lot, I probably wouldn't have gotten to know some of my friends on dA. And it makes me happy. Because other artists can be really interesting to know. Being able to share thoughts is awesome. And they can help you improve as well. Sometimes they can spot flaws on your art better than you can. That's for example how I found out about 'outlining edges' which is now a key technique I use for my style.

5. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it?

Really, its just vocabulary and grammar for someone, who isn't a native english speaker. I follow a certain pattern of key aspects I address one after the other, making the structure of my comments simple. But sometimes I do not know how to explain certain things because of words missing in my vocabulary or because a sentence looks strange grammar wise. And than there are the casual mistakes you create by writing too fast with your keyboard like 'your and you're' or 'their and they're'

6. What is a constructive comment, in your opinion?
And at this point it gets interesting. Now... what I think constructive comment CAN mean, is simply 'feedback'. And feedback is to correct. Question number 7 gets difficult however, especially with my mind set. Because remember. I believe constructive comment means 'feedback'

7. Is there a difference between a constructive comment and a critique? If so, what is this difference?
The problem I face with this question is the word 'comment'. Because a comment can be either critique or feedback. The second problem I face is, that I like to INCLUDE feedback whilst writing constructive criticism. Now, where is the difference between critique and feedback/ constructive comment? Critique is to 'judge' and 'fault'. Something leaders or bosses like to often do. Feedback is to 'correct'. And I like to do both when writing constructive criticism: 'judge and fault' but also 'correct'.

8. How often do you think you comment constructively and post critiques?
I'm not good at guessing. But I'm taking at least 1 hour a day to browse, and enjoy others artworks. Obviously, I'm not writing a comment under each artwork I stumble across.

9. Do you use a specific technique when you comment? (e.g. sandwich method)
Yes. I already addressed that I do follow a pattern.
I first go over the basics, like anatomy, shading work, line work, etc.
And afterwards I address the three, in my opinion, most important factors to determine how good a certain artwork is:
1) Can it tell a story? Is it memorable?
2) Background
3) Colour theory and special effects

10. What kind of comments do you like to receive? (e.g. constructive, critique, 'normal')
I like to receive comments I can answer too. How do you answer too 'cool' or 'nice'? With a 'thanks', i guess. The reason I like to receive longer comments, is because you can start a longer conversation. If the person addresses certain things its easier for you to talk about it, and conversations with people of similar interests can feel good^

11. Do you have any comment expectations regarding your artwork? (e.g. tips for improvement, likes and dislikes, etc.)
Really not. That might just be, because I'm still too unknown to receive a lot of comments. That might change in the future...

12. Do you have any pet peeves with the comments you receive, and the comments you give?
No, I'm a really open person and ready for all kinds of comments. In my opinion, even hate can be helpful as long as the person addresses what they hate about your artwork. It is also important to accept all kinds of comments, in the end, everyone has a right for their own mind set as long as they don't start to insult or harass.

13. In all honesty, when you comment, would you like to receive a comment back?
Yes. I do want to see, that the artist cares about your feedback or criticism. Of course, some simply can't instantly reply, because they have grown a massive fan base around their art.

14. Do you have any tips and suggestions for new commenters and artists looking for feedback?
If they are looking for feedback, especially the 'project comment' group can be a huge help. You can learn to give constructive comments and you can receive some in return!

15. Ask one question about comments you would like your tagged people to answer!
I can't really think of anyone to tag, really
Maybe in the future :'/
But I'm still gonna leave this question here, for others who maybe stumble across this thread to answer: What on the artwork drives you, to write a comment?

Find the comment meme here. It was submitted by 3wyl : Comment Meme! Fill out ProjectComment's comment meme to win comments, features and :points:!
1. When did you start commenting on artwork, and why?
2. What kind of art do you like to comment on?
3. Nowadays, do you often :+fav: or comment, and why?
4. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum?
5. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it?
6. What is a constructive comment, in your opinion?
7. Is there a difference between a constructive comment and a critique? If so, what is this difference?
8. How often do you think you comment constructively and post critiques?
9. Do you use a specific technique when you comment? (e.g. sandwich method)
10. What k

[Edited 13th of March 2017]
Hello dear visitor... its difficult for me to explain this properly since I'm still learning to use other languages effectively, but I want to help other artist. They can be newbies or very experienced ones, it doesn't matter. There is one thing I'm really good at, and while I'm not that skilled with my hands yet, and with creating my own art, I have a lot of knowledge about art as a topic in general. And I love giving others my honest words/ opinions about their art. To make that short, writing critiques!
What I want to get at is, if you want to have someone take a look at one of your artworks, or if you want me to take a look at your gallery and choose random deviations, and give my opinion, I will try my best in my free time.
Of course, there are certain rules and limits to what I can do:
-If you want me to look at an artwork, please give me a link to your piece, either in the comments box on my page or in the comments on one of my drawings. Or simply let me know if I should take a look at your gallery!
-I don't want to get spammed by one person over and over again with various different artworks in too short of a time. I don't have unlimited time and its just fair, if other artists can get some attention too. I also still want to spend time on the 'undiscovered' and 'newest' pages, to help out artists who won't just randomly stumble across my page!
-At some point in the future, with more and more people visiting my page, it might get difficult for me to keep up and not everyone might grab my attention. I'm already apologizing!

Now here is the real important stuff, especially for younger artists:
-I'm incredibly honest, and wont hesitate with my words. Of course, I wont swear, lets not exaggerate. I'm trying to keep it formal, to my best of knowledge about the english language. What I want to get at is, that many artists have gotten the wrong idea, and called me mean and 'aggressive', simply because they couldn't accept harsh critique and because they were used to only getting nice comments from other people of the same fandom. So if you request me, to look at one of your artworks or your gallery, don't expect me to go easy on you!

I'm looking forward to some great artworks^


She doesnt like showing herself without her hat... thats for sure. Just a test to see how the new art style looks... trying to get used too it. But lets be real here, the brush pen's lines are smooth as hack and really help giving that cartoony look
I might move into a more comic like style, regarding humanoid characters...
i might not update in the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking of taking a longer time out from my main projects. Its not really school. More that I feel like utter shit right now... anxiety is taking the upper hand and not being able to visualize it on paper completely destroys me. I never doubted myself as hard as that. When I visited my father today and asked him how he practised realistic art and anatomy drawing, he told me that he did and still does it as a hobby. He never really felt the need to do it professionally... and I think that's what I'm missing. Really, I want to get better so badly, to the point where I started hating and doubting myself, because I'm shit at drawing anatomy. And I forgot the reason I'm doing all this in the first place. Because I had fun... but I reached a point where I want to draw more than just creatures... and every time I see a great artist, who can nail the human body, I get frustrated, because I require a lot of effort for something that is far from perfect... and I don't want that... so yeah, time out for me. I want to have freaking fun again. Everything seems forced at the moment!
how the *censored* am I supposed to draw with this *censored* book I'm supposed to read and prepare a *censored* presentation for?? I swear... I want too... no update tomorrow. I didnt draw anything and its easter egg hunting time...
I did draw my grim reaper... yeay. I just went for it to be fair. You can say I had an artblock, tho it doesnt really exists. In just couldnt think of a good way to start this drawing, so I just didnt even sketch anything with pencil and went for it. I grabbed my fine liner and just randomly drew something. Its surprising how things can turn out...


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